The Whatever That Was (04/10/21)

As much as I have been enjoying my new(er) blogging format (which is ironic considering one of my first posts was about how I didn’t think ‘journalling’ was a real word) I’m changing it this week. I have limited energy, physical and mental, so I am rationing it to make sure I have enough for everything I want to do.

Knitted Boob Updates: 7 knitted breasts to California, which struck me as particularly weird at first, but my second thought was that pot is legal there and an odd number of Smurfette blue boobs would be just the sort of thing you’d order when high. 2 separate boobs to Scotland and 2 seperate boobs to London. Fortunately I am not yet being driven insane by boob knitting so I think I can cope a little longer.

Birds/Squirrels/Garden Wildlife Update: I researched whether it is sensible or wise to feed garden wildlife during the winter because I really do not want to distrupt any migratory or hibernation behaviour. Apparently it is okay as long as you are consistent about it…but I am still in two minds. It is getting to the point of no return though as one of the squirrels has taken to pointedly looking into the window if their monkey nuts are not out on the chair by 10am. I am choosing to see this as a human being domesticated by wildlife, not the other way around.

Book Reading Update: The Last Migration – Charlotte McConaghy. Considering the subject matter, both globally and from the persepctive of the main characters, this should have been thoroughly dismal and depressing, but it was neither. All of the characters could have been annoying and frustrating, but they were not. This is a lovely story, very well told. The only minor gripe I have is that if we really had lost so many of the larger creatures to extinction as she writes, then there’s no way the humans in this story would still be having such normal lives (going to university, travel, parties) because if/when we lose the big, visible animals we will also have lost millions of the smaller, less visible but just as important ones too and those are the ones that pollinate our food and feed the rest of us upwards on the food chain. That aside, I definitely recommend this one.

Telly Watching Update: Ted Lasso season two. Made me cry, made me laugh, made me want to watch it all again immediately.

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  1. You have limited energy. I have limited energy. Yet, energy is conserved. Somewhere there is someone bouncing off walls.

    1. Well I just hope that whoever that person is, they are using our powers for good.

  2. Lovely post. The blue boobs and wildlife mention remind me of a joke o can’t quite remember. Something about blue tits and cold weather, something like opening the freezer topless. Please work backwards and make it funny.
    We have been feeding birds and I’m also unsure on the etiquette for winter. At the minimum we will endeavour to feed the pigeon with the big growth on its neck. We leave it seed but I am thinking it might prefer a pint of ale and 10 benson.

    I hope the energy levels increase again.

    1. My phone changes I to O and I can’t control it or change it

    2. Is it wrong for me to keep putting out bird food because, deep in my heart of hearts, I really want to see a West side Story type knife fight between the squirrels and the magpies over a monkey nut?
      Have you named your lumpy pigeon? He’s technically a pet if you do y’know.
      As for the energy levels…I’ll just keep doing the work and we’ll see what happens.
      Hope you’re well!

      1. I’m all for seeing squirrels approach magpies while clicking thier fingers. The pigeon is called goity, because of the goitre it has. We also get swanky pigeons and I’m told the correct name for is doves. I’m better than I have been thank you, i meditate and do a breathing thing that are great. A bloke called wim Hoff does it. He does everything on a wim

        1. Ok, I just searched Wim Hof and I might give it a go, although I’m taking no responsibility for any damage caused by releasing my inner fire. Does this make us Wimmers or Hoffers?
          Glad to hear you’re chuffing along, say hi to Goity and the Swankies for me (note to self: Goity and the Swankies…new swing band name).

        2. Haha it is a band that needs to be formed. I recommend hoffing lying down, it can make you a bit light headed but it’s canny. Apparently it does other stuff health wise but im in it for the calm feels. There’s a YouTube video by him of 3 rounds of it, that’s the one I currently go with. I’m told he Hoff and wim Hoff can’t be in the same room due to the risk of explosions

        3. Today is Hof day one I think and I shall heed your lying down recommendation, thank you. I can completely understand why The Hoff’s shouldn’t be in the same room, that much awesomeness in one place would surely collapse the SpaceTime continuum.

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