The Week That Was (18/10/21)

In an effort to regain some equilibrium and energy I have started listening to self-help podcasts but, because I am who I am, they are science based self-help rather than woo/New Age ones. The favourite at the moment, because it is short and basically the name says it all, is Just One Thing on the BBC (here). I did try one early morning walk, as suggested, but I soon realised that it’s just not the same without a dog. Instead I now mindfully breath, eat chocolate in small, high quality doses, and stand on one leg for 30 seconds each side as I brush my teeth because I can’t do just one thing.

Monday: Sold 6 knitted boobs and an ammonite keyring. Is this my life now?

Tuesday: SUCCESS!!! After losing a much loved lemon tree to a very late snow fall a few years ago I spontaneously stuck a pip in some dirt…

Lemony McLemonface?

Wednesday: Sold a glasses case (WOOHOO…NOT a boob!) and accidentally gained a milkman.

Thursday: Had a trip to the post office with something else that was not a knitted boob (#smileyface) then off for an afternoon, evening AND night full of dog-sitting.

Friday: What is sleep again? Is it the moments you snatch between suspecting there is a hedgehog in the back garden or when you must scare off the imaginary burglar? Is sleep that stuff that happens in the brief moments when the dog sharing your bed is not dream running, snoring or farting?

I know for a fact that whatever sleep is, it ends when the milkman delivers in the morning…or when the dog think she hears the milkman…

Went dog walking at 5:30am, so I didn’t get any of the benefits of early morning rays of sunshine, because the sun wasn’t up for another 2 hours…sigh..the things we do so that our grown-up kids can go shopping in far off destinations.

Saturday: Had a lie-in. Binged American Hysteria podcast and tidied the cupboard under the stairs. All of which feel like huge achievements today.

Sunday: Spent the day being kind to myself, which includes knitting boobs and things that are not boobs, as well as watching some mindless telly and thinking about stuff I’m grateful for.

I know how you feel.

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  1. “and accidentally gained a milkman”

    I’m going to need details. How does this happen? Is that what the rearranged space under the stairs is for?

    1. Sorry, that was a bit clickbaity wasn’t it? It’s more a case of “I surprisingly gained a milkman”. I NEVER sign up for anything on the doorstep or in the street but then a very nice, polite young man knocked the door, offering discounted, locally sourced milk, just as I was debating getting the white stuff delivered…so I downloaded the app and, hopefully, he got a small commission from it.
      No milkmen will be stored in the cupboard under the stairs….although I do have the space now…

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