The Week That Was (25/10/21)

Boob Update: I’m not sure if it’s just the fact that it’s half term or whether boob season really is coming to a close but sales have dropped off this week. Not ended completely, just slowed enough that I can spend my days doing more than knitting breasts to replenish my stocks…phew.

Monday: Had my first Canadian sale today. Yes, it was a knitted boob, but I also got to dispatch a cushion and a birthday card so the trip to the Post Office wasn’t totally boob related.

Tuesday: I’m not the only local knitter….

Tis the season to knit pumpkins and black cats.

Wednesday: Dog-sitting, in the afternoon instead of the morning, which completely threw my day out of whack.

Thursday: Spent the day investigating possible new podcasts to subscribe to and we also welcomed Worloc, metaphoric son of Vorloc, into our home. He’s already bubbling, which is VERY good news because I am sorely missing my cheese and chilli sourdough fix.

Friday: My Creative Pep-talk calendar arrived from the US. I really enjoy this podcast, mostly for the enthusiasm of the presenter, and I am very happy to be able to support them via Etsy too.

FINALLY, finally, finally spotted a bumble bee in the garden. We’ve had LOADS of honey bees in the fuchsia, as normal, but this is literally the first bumble bee I’ve seen all year and I was really rather worried by that.

Saturday: We were supposed to pootle off down the motorways of Britain again for a week of DIY and decorating today, but work commitments got in the way, so I ended up binging season one of The Morning Show instead. Highly recommended, it’s definitely more than brain-candy telly.

We sat huddled in the dark to avoid the attentions of Trick Or Treater’s and it worked, which is good because there is no candy in this house and I’m not sure the local youth would appreciate any of my single origin, 90% dark chocolate (not that they would have got any).

Sunday: Finally made it Southwards, through truly awful weather and driving conditions. There is painting, filling, wardrobe door hanging and wood waxing to be done before the prettifying for estate agent photos can start.

Frayed driving nerves were soothed with pizza.

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  1. It is such a pleasure to read of someone else’s activity.

    1. Same here! (thank you for your Imperfect Patience 🙂)

      1. Will now be looking for occasions ro use “pootle” in conversation.

        1. Anything that doesn’t involve haste is a pootle 😁

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