The Week That Was (01/11/21)

No Boob Update this week as I put my Etsy shop ‘On Holiday’. Frustratingly this seems to have slipped me back down to the bottom of whatever algorithm they use to rank searches, but it was worth it for the lack of Post Office stress this week.

Monday: Although I distinctly remember vowing to never paint another ceiling again I did second coats in the bathroom and kitchen, fortunately neither are huge rooms. Filler was used extensively on various surfaces, then sanded, painted and admired from a distance.

Tuesday: A spur of the moment decision lead to the purchase of new flooring for both the kitchen and bathroom. Now I really am glad they are not huge rooms.

Wednesday: Bathroom floor is down and gloss has been liberally applied to many (many, many, many, many) wooden surfces.

Thursday: Half the kitchen floor is down and I’ve had enough, downed tools and I going home.

Friday: The real reason we came home yesterday wasn’t a DIY related strop, it was because today was the day I had been talked into Going Out Again.

And the place I was convinced to visit, during an on-going pandemic, was Wollaton Hall in Nottingham…WHERE BATMAN LIVES!!!

Yep, it’s Wayne Manor from the Nolan films!

And we were there to see Titus…

A real T-Rex from the Badlands of Montana!

So this week I learned that all it takes to get me to leave the house and visit a place where there may be other people is a 65 million year old predator. Okay, I can live with that.

Spotted this chap on the way back to the carpark.

Saturday: Basked in the afterglow of meeting Titus and did a little gardening, ready for whatever winter brings. It is cold enough now that I can only spot a very occasional pollinator so I pruned the fucshia back from across the porch. The postie will be able to find the front door again now.

Sunday: Binged some telly (Only Murders In The Building – which I am so far recommending) and knitted some gloves, which counts as a pretty blissful day nowadays.

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  1. I posit there is a big rethink coming on the TRex. Those arms are ridiculous. Some clever soul will figure out what was really going on. Wings?

    1. They were knitters. The tiny arms held their projects up off the ground as they ran after their prey.

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