The Week That Was (08/11/21)

Monday: I can’t remember when I previously mentioned the ex-window model I blagged from an old work colleague (with which to pose pretty Etsy photos) but when I did blag it, it arrived without it’s ‘head’ Today I was presented with a hand made one, which I think is much nicer looking (and is definitely of better quality) than the one it would have originally had.

I’ve named it Nubbin McNubbinhead

Tuesday: Dog-sitting today, we didn’t trek out anywhere but she did follow me around as I took pretty Etsy photos, so she did do something other than The Labrador Lounge on the sofa all day.

Wednesday: As well as deciding to replace the kitchen flooring in the hopefully about to be sold flat, someone – a glutton for punishment, obviously – also decided that jazzing up the cupboards would help dazzle buyers into parting with their dosh. The first door was painted today (after being unceremoniously carted 160 miles back home in the boot of the car). I used proper furniture paint an’ everything, even waxed the bugger afterwards, and it turned out pretty well, so I’m chuffed with that. Just got another 12 to do now…

Thursday: I have gone a little bit bonkers for knitting gloves this week (6 pairs in 8 days), hopefully the good people on Etsy will appreciate them. I was going to write that we have no boob update this week, but someone did actually buy one, so they are either a procastinating, currently training midwife, or a very eager, pre-preparing January intake trainee midwife.

Friday: We had a family birthday lunch today. ‘Normally’ we would have gone out for an event such as this, and we could have this time, but I am nowhere near comfortable eating out right now. I know this isn’t just the pandemic though, if I have learnt anything during the last 18 months, it is that I DON’T HAVE TO…I don’t have to go out to eat, I don’t have to go out to shop, I don’t have to play nicely and get roped into other people’s games. My life went on pause, and I’m trying to get as much out of that as I can. Unfortunately for some other people (and my local economy) that means I’m not doing a lot of that stuff, that I never wanted to do anyway, anymore.

Saturday: Had the day to myself so I just about managed to tidy up and puppy-proof the place before The Kid and The Dog arrived for a takeaway tea and binge-watch of season two of The Morning Show. We got 5 episodes in and neither of us wanted to stop (even though it was waaaaaaaay past my bedtime). Highly recommended and we’ve set a date for the next session.

Sunday: Previous Me was kind enough to Future Me (by putting the rubbish out late last night) so I didn’t have to awake to the smell of day old Chinese food, which I appreciate and which allowed me to spend the day relaxifying and trying to finish various things that I had already started. That bit didn’t go so well, but I no longer beat myself up about that stuff.

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  1. These posts always make me very aware of how fast time passes. The gloves are proper canny. Do you think fingerless gloves were invented as a means to get more glove per ball of wool? That’s right… Woolspiracy

    1. Yes, it’s a woolspiracy indeed, but I for one refuse to bow down before Big Farmer (farmer/pharma…I’m a fluffing genius) and I will keep adding ends to my gloves till they batter down the door and end me with my own knitting needles! POWER TO THOSE WHO DON’T WANT CHILLY FINGERTIPS!

  2. Comment disappeared. The woolspiracy is onto me.

    1. Woolspiracy indeed…was there a comment about a fitness/steps tracker too? One arrived but then immediately disappeared 😮

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