The Week That Was (15/11/21)

(For those who need to know, the Boob Update is at the end).

Monday: I start in a small but fully justified huff. This is how much respect my creative endeavours command in this house…

Stolen from my knitting mountain when I wasn’t looking and photographed as some sort of ransom note

And this is what it eventually turned into

Tuesday: I was dog sitting this morning, but I had been forewarned that part of the road leading to The Kid’s house was closed for gas works, so I decided to walk there instead of driving around the diversion. It was both amusing and frustrating how many cars went past me, completely ignoring (or worse, not seeing) the ‘road closed’ signs, as if they simply did not apply to them. But the road was closed…so around they all turned.

Wednesday: More dog sitting today but I adding in dog walking this time to get some free exercise and fresh air (I’m not sure she was impressed, at 2 years old she is decidedly a Labrador and is happy relaxing on the sofa as much as she can). We saw some of our local deer on our way round.

We got a little closer than this to get past them, and they are used to people and their dogs, but I didn’t want to make them any more nervous than I had to so I took the photo from quite a distance.

Thursday: More dog sitting today, fortunately she no longer assumes that all my wool is her toy so I can also knit when we’re catching up on our bad, brain-candy, telly watching. Posted an Etsy birthday card to Texas – I have thoughts on this, but I haven’t fully decided what they are yet.

Friday: Took The Kid to the train station for a Christmas catch-up with her old work colleagues (and so begins the season of Mom, Taxi-Driver). I also posted a cushion to Florida and listed some more stuff (that I had finally finished) on Etsy.

I still have very conflicted feelings about this Esty selling thing. I am not at all confident in my creativity, but at the same time I thoroughly enjoy it and it seems that others do too. I find myself battling FOMO for sales (ARRRGGGGGHHHHH, have I made enough knitted boobs?!!!) and I have to force myself to remember that I’m doing this, not for the money, but to prevent someone being buried under an avalanche of my knitting because I enjoy it so much. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

Saturday: Caught up with friend/neighbour which was unusual and tiring but also felt like it was good for me.

Sunday: With thanks to the people who are prepared to pay for these things (unlike me) I am recommending both Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and No Time To Die as enjoyble and very watchable (if you like Marvel and Bond films).

Boob Update: I honestly thought all of this selling knitted breasts malarkey was coming to an end, but I was wrong, apparently. This week two of the buggers went flying off to Italy and others have ended up in London and Bath. I have investigated whether there are other knitted training aids for midwives that I could be making, but all I could find were the creepiest tiny heads (in place of the newborn I assume) and I just cannot force myself to create such monstrosities.

Picture below for those who are NOT faint of heart…

Sorry about the nightmares.

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  1. Thank you. Love the cards, love the last photo—you made me smile.

    1. Thank you and I’m glad to be of service 😁

      1. One could do an entire knitted horrors line. Of course, you’d have to send each one with a tiny blanket for storage, i.e. hide them under a blanket so they can’t get you. (I crack myself up.)

        1. I shall, of course, credit you massively when my line of Monstrosities is released 😁

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