The Week That Was (22/11/21)

Monday and Boob Update combined: Today I created and posted off some custom green and pink boobs for a doula. I am getting to the stage of really not wanting to knit many more of these (I used to only be able to knit a pattern once as my boredom threshold is so low…not any more apparently) but then I get to converse with a real person who is asking for these things for real reasons and it somehow makes it less frustrating.

Tuesday: Managed to paint another couple of kitchen cupboard doors today. I am actually really impressed with the quality of finish you can get with today’s furniture paint. I remember a time when doing up door like this would not have really been possible, and you’d end up having to buy all new ones in order to jazz up a kitchen properly. I am also thanking my lucky stars for eBay. So far we have got a new (Smeg) hob for £16, a new (Electrolux) oven for £35 and literally the kitchen sink for £15.

Obviously, we are lucky enough to have cars with which to drive to fetch these things, but again, it was not too long ago that finding such reasonably priced treasures more than a couple of miles from home would have been impossible.

Wednesday: Spent loads of money in Wilcos and at a local independent garden centre and I don’t feel bad at all. An old work colleague texted to arrange a catch-up phone call for next week (HURRAY! I am still part of the world!!) and SPOILER! SPOILER ALERT…GO NO FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST EPISODE OF BAKE OFF…

an Italian person won The Great British Bake Off. I am not at all surprised at how happy that makes me.

Thursday: Today I found out that you can buy decaf Earl Grey tea, which does me no good as tea is ‘orrible stuff, but which does help out the person who wants to reduce their caffeine intake. Today I also decided on a new pillow design for Etsy…now I just need to work out how to knit a tiny, stripy planet Jupiter.

Friday: Sold two phone socks to someone in Northern Ireland and my first ammonite fridge magnet to someone in Wiltshire. I’m still very conflicted about putting my creative efforts out into the world but I’m pretty sure the only way to get over that is to keep doing it…feel the fear an’ do it anyway an’ all that.

Storm Arwen is on the way and is currently removing the last of the leaves off some local trees, but today is Pizza Friday so we’ll cope.

Saturday: SNOW! (Thanks, Arwen).

I do not have a good relationship with snow. It is beautiful and my conscious mind delights in cosy snuggness indoors as fat, white flakes descend outside, but my subconscious is never far away, reminding me of events such as the 3 hour, end of a long week, journey home through snow that actually took nearly 7 hours and during which I passed FIVE traffic accidents. Snow ends up making me maudlin and melancholy and I really shouldn’t have talked myself into putting off my 5K till tomorrow…but I did and I paid for it with low energy and mood.

Sunday: I managed my treadmill run and immediately felt better for it. Ice and slush outside, but I don’t have to venture out until tomorrow, so that’s alright.

I booked my booster vaccine for the 23rd December. I love the NHS.

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