The Week That Was (29/11/21)

Monday: There was no dog-sitting today as The Kid decided that Zoom is actually an acceptable alternative to -3° weather and I made the monumental decision to not buy any more wool, yarn or even attractive string until I have worked through at least…some…of my stash.

Tuesday: The snow and ice have melted enough for me to make it to the post office without too much cursing and this evening we watched Clerk, the Kevin Smith documentary. It has always been my assumption that autobiographies and documentaries about individuals are specifically designed to make you feel even slightly better about that person afterwards, that’s certainly what happened after I read about Bob Geldof and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this documentry and Frankie Boyle’s autobiography both had the opposite effect. I am prepared to give both of these people second chances for my time and attention, but it certainly makes me think I was NOT the intented audience for these.

Wednesday: Had TWO trips to the post office (because some people time their purchases badly and I am a little obsessed with getting stuff sent off as soon as possible). I also did some non-freezing weather dog-sitting and somehow managed to buy 57 cardboard boxes from a chap in Walsall, as you do. They are good boxes, and I will make stuff to post off in them, but until then I have to find somewhere to store them…whoops.

Spend well over an hour this afternoon on a catch-up phone call with an old work colleague (old work, not old colleague). There was surprisingly little gossip but a lot of ‘My word, how time has flown’.

Thursday: MORE SNOW, which NO-ONE ordered. The Dog was dropped off just before teatime as The Kid and husband were off to take advantage of evening spa pampering (do you still have to mask up for that? I should ask). We fed her (The Dog), stopped her from finding every piece of dust in the house and then walked her back to her home in the chilly dark. It was a rather nice evening.

Friday: 100th Etsy sale!!!!! (And it WASN’T a knitted boob!!!) I can honestly say that something like 100 sales had never even crossed my mind. I should stop slagging off the knitted boobs now as they were the majority of that 100.

Finished watching the Beatles documentary (it is 6 hours, it took a couple of days) and I highly recommend it to anyone even vaguely a Beatles fan. It really does change the story on the lead up to their break-up and the most disturbing thing I realised is just how many lies get told and how much the truth is ignored for a prefered or more entertaining/sexist/racist story. There is literally a scene with Paul saying (something like) “Do you really think that in 50 years people will still be saying that The Beatles broke up because Yoko sat on an amp?”

How horrifying that they still do.

Apart from that though, this documentary shows four blokes, who obviously care about each other, being 28 year old blokes, going through some stuff, and writing some of the world’s best and most famous songs in a few minutes too.

Saturday: We seem to be watching a lot of YouTube video’s about keeping chickens. Worrying.

Sunday: The Kid and The Dog came round to binge-watch the second half of the second season of The Morning Show. It is so well written and acted, it is a pleasure to watch, except for the last 5 minutes which were a cop-out/set up for a possible season three, but I think I can forgive them.

Even though she knows we don’t really celebrate Christmas any more (we did when she really was A Kid instead of The Kid, of course) she made me the most lovely wreath with the weirdest and most appropriate ornaments I’ve ever seen.

Now I just need to find somewhere to hang it and you know those ornaments need year-round homes too.

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  1. “I made the monumental decision to not buy any more wool, yarn or even attractive string until I have worked through at least…some…of my stash.”

    Sometimes that works for me. Other times… I am weak.

    1. I’ve lasted a week so far, I’m counting that as an absolute win 😁

  2. candidkay says:

    I am laughing at the yarn photo because it sounds like you and I are somewhat similar. I just do that with books and wrapping paper😀. I’m wishing you many beautiful projects from that yarn!

    1. Thank you! Yarn is not my only vice, but it is the one that takes up the most space 🤣 (and what I wouldn’t give for a whole room dedicated to books and wrapping paper…sigh)

      1. candidkay says:

        I’m with you on that!

  3. Love the ornaments. You have trained her well.

    1. I do believe the ornaments are actually her training treats for me…Mom’s taxi, pet sitting and decorating services have to be paid for somehow 😁

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