The Week That Was (06/12/21)

Monday: I sold knitted boobs to someone in America, gloves to someone in Somerset and walked in the rain to dog-sit for a few episodes of bad hospital drama telly. Then I came home and knitted half of the Sun for a solar system pillow that may end up taking over my life (which is acceptable to me).

Tuesday: We received the gift of gnomes from my next door neighbour. They may be the things that tip me over into putting up some Christmas decorations this year (even though they are nothing but dust-traps…Bah! Humbug!)

Two small hand made gnomes on top of a fireplace.

Wednesday: Sold two of the blingiest phone socks I’ve ever made…they had actual gold(ish) thread knitted through them…to two people who need to keep their phones warm as they ski. I’m not 100% sure how to react to that, on the one hand – how well travelled will my creations be?! on the other hand I am now, once again, a small cog in the huge wheels of capitalism, crushing all who seek to save the world, by selling stuff to people who travel to snowy places to rush headlong downhill on two small sticks. Hmmmm.

Thursday: Knitted Venus, Mars and Earth and had to travel to a new and exciting site for a courier drop-off because OpenReach were furking with the phonelines at my usual place (so I couldn’t print off my postage label there). I really dislike changes to my routines, especially when I am right in the middle of them, but I am chuffed that I managed to get everything done AND avoid the many, many roadworks currently going on.

Friday: Knitted Jupiter. We decided to not journey down the motorways until next week, so today is Pizza Friday (of course) with the added bonus of a Matrix rewatch, in anticipation for the new one coming out at the end of the month.

Saturday: Sold and posted an emergency knitted boob for someone doing a midwifery demonstration on the 15th Dec. Hopefully the Royal Mail will do it’s best with it. I also discovered that my Venus, Uranus and Nepture are all too big and will need to be remade. Sigh, at least I don’t have to make a Pluto and they haven’t discovered Planet Nine yet.

Sunday: I am trying to decide what to do about the Etsy malarkey when we’re off DIYing and decorating next week. I am NOT carting all of my knitted goods 160 miles down South, but at the same time I really don’t want to put the shop On Holiday. Last time I did that it did something to the searches and I’m pretty sure I slid back down the newbie bottom of the list for a month. I think the best compromise will be to take as many of the small items (and packing materials) as I can and take everything else, the bigger, harder to post, stuff off sale until we return. Not perfect, but maybe good enough.

I fight a battle with myself over this. I REALLY enjoy making these things, I get a huge sense of satisfaction and mental comfort from it and I even like the selling, packaging and posting of them, but what I struggle with is falling back into old habits of believing that every sale, query or communication is of such vital importance that other parts of my life must be put on hold for it. I have spent nearly two years trying to unlearn that behaviour, but I suppose the 30 years of work from before that still has some sway over me.

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  1. Firstly, it is taking every fibre of my being not to make a hole bunch of Uranus jokes. I am a grown up. Did I misspell a word in the first sentence purposefully? Yes.
    The capitalism thing is a funny one. I’d argue that “the machine” has many cogs but you are not one of them. You exist alongside the machine but are not part of it. You are the kettle in the factory that houses the machine. Sure, you may impact the operation of the machine a tiny amount by putting a pep in the step of metaphorical workers, but they’re going to operate the machine regardless. If you can bring a bit of happiness and joy to people to improve their day, then that is all that matters. Adjacent to the machine but a cog you are not. Capitalism gonna capital, we can’t stop it and while I would love to rage against the machine, sometimes it’s nicer to just have a sit and resize Uranus.
    I find it’s hard to get started on a thing but real easy to stop, even if you just take a few bits with you and carry on, it’s all good.
    Peace etc.

    1. With 100% seriousness and honesty, I have never been happier to be called a kettle, you have literally made my day, week and year, thank you.
      (Also, resizing Uranus is no laughing matter and must only be undertaken with the appropriate medical supervision).

  2. Request to see the completed solar system pillow. (Rising above juvenile jokes bc I am an adult not bc I utter failed to come up with a witty response.)

    1. Photos will be forthcoming as soon as it is finished. It is not finished, not because of sensible reasons, but because I am a child who is easily distracted by shiny things…sigh.

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