Well That Was A Nice Break


(If you can please imagine The Terminator walking through the door, with a bag of shopping in his hands, saying “I’m back” at this point, I’d appreciate it).

I am not the biggest fan of the holiday season. Socialising with people you haven’t seen for a year (or two in this case), culturally mandated ‘fun’ and all the excesses of consumption do not float my boat, and it takes this long into the new year for me to accept that things are settling down into normality again.

It wasn’t ALL doom and gloom though (note: there was some doom and gloom, but it was Doom-Lite and Gloom-ish rather than End Of The World stuff).

Highlights: The art induced sutures were removed so professionally and quickly (by the NHS) that we were in and out so speedily we didn’t even need to pay for parking (under 20 minutes). Kevlar woodworking gloves have now been purchased.

A book present for The Kid, that wasn’t even supposed to be published until 30th Dec, arrived Xmas Eve…last minute wrapping ensued.

I was once again spoilt rotten by people who love me:

Now I just have to find the time to read them.

Watched the new Matrix film. At the time I gave it 50-50 good vs rubbish as a review, but it has stayed with me and on deeper reflection it has gone up to a 70-30.

Sold an ammonite cushion to someone in South Korea!

Started a new habit of After Dinner strolls that seems to be sticking.

Knitted loads of gloves and sold my first Valentines card.

Also available in white 🙂

Just two kitchen doors left to paint (hopefully complete today!)

Watched the new Ghostbusters film. It’s about as cerebral as the first one, so…fun.

Bought and planted loads of veg seeds for spring and summer harvesting. Also bought nematodes to eat the tiny flies. It’s the circle of life.

It’s what windowsills are for.

Rewatched The Commitments. I had forgotten just how good that film is.

Made two people who don’t like musicals watch Little Shop Of Horrors and neither of them walked out or said they hated it…win!

Lowlights: Had a reaction to my Pfizer booster, but it least that shows it’s working.

Sold a knitted boob on Christmas Day. I realise some people really don’t want to watch the queen’s speech but surely there is something more productive than online shopping to do?

Watched the 2nd Venom film. Not good, which is a shame because I really rate Tom Hardy.

The Kid and The Kid’s Husband tested positive for Covid. They are both fine now but because of how careful we have all been this is as close as it has come in two years and I do not like it.

I couldn’t help someone from France with a custom order because Stupid Brexit means it can take 7 weeks for things to be delivered, and she needs it by Feb. This bullsh*t is frustrating in the extreme.

I started new knitting instead of finishing stuff I’ve already begun, but that’s probably not the worst thing I could have got up to.

So that’s the news. Ups and downs, just like everyone else. Back to Pandemic Normal now.

Question that arrived at 1am: When Captain America was returning all the Infinity Stones at the end of Endgame, how awkward was the conversation on Vormir when he had to hand it to The Red Skull?

I could probably find an answer, or a fan theory at least, on t’internet but my energy for that is limited…until 1am when it is all I can think about.

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  1. One wonders what the Terminator has to shop for. Doesn’t eat. Parts are from the future. Spare sunglasses?

    1. Apparently a Terminator weighs about 400lbs so I suspect it was buying a new sofa from IKEA.

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