The Week That Was (17/01/22)

Monday: I spent today binge-watching a Netflix series on pop music (I don’t pay for Netflix myself and after their recent diabolical treatment of their Trans staff I won’t be in the future either) and arranging for Vodafone to recycle my old iPad. I was really trying to get it recycled through Apple but they made it ridiculously difficult. There was a ‘chat’ session with someone I’m pretty sure was AI and TWO phone calls with actual humans, which I did not enjoy, one of which reinforced my disbelief in how technology will save us all because it appears as if Apple software developers do not test their website changes in Safari…their own browser. Long story short I will be sending my old iPad to Vodafone for them to deal with.

Tuesday: Finished painting the kitchen cupboard doors at last. I am really happy with how they have turned out. I don’t think they would be a high enough standard if they were going into my kitchen permanently, but they definitely look better than they did and will hopefully improve whatever estate agent photos we get.

I put together a new clothes rail for The Kid. It looks good, seems well made and didn’t take much time or swearing to construct. It would have taken even less time and swearing had I not been helped by The Dog.

Gotta love some nice new storage

Wednesday: We finally made the journey 160 miles Southwards and I repainted the bathroom. I had originally painted it a sunny, warm yellow which looked awful. Now it is a moody, dark grey which looks great…sigh.

Thursday: Old kitchen sink was removed and cupboard doors were reattached. Takeaway pizza was eaten due to exhausion.

Friday: New kitchen sink was fitted and more painting was done. The Kid rang to say that the plant babies had been watered successfully.

Saturday: New bath panel was readied and repairs to various things were carried out.

Sunday: Homeward bound. Spent a happy afternoon knitting and watching Lara Croft raid some tombs.

Etsy Update: More knitted boobs and cushions were sold and I now have a nice purple star to show that I am a Star Seller, which means more to me than it probably should.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Those small markers of progress DO mean a lot. What a marvelous list of accomplishments!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it takes writing them down to see how many there are…

  2. Your boobs have earned you a star. Wait. Try again. Your speedy handling of your boobs … no, that’s worse. Boobs! Star!

    1. Boobs! Star! Indeed! (Very happy about both!)

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