Well THAT took longer than expected…

Hi again, long time no see…

Sometime around mid-January I decided to take an internet break. Just a couple of days to unplug and destress from emails, newsletters, shopping, doomscrolling and accidentally seeing crappy happenings from people who should know better as they forwarded misinformation and bile.

That somehow became a week. A week I actually enjoyed. A week to recharge the attention batteries and gird the loins for trudging back into the social swamp.

It wasn’t enough.

All of you know the bullshit going on in the world, so I’m not gonna revisit it here. I also imgine most of you know where I stand on current events so that might be saved for a ‘Rant’ post if I find it necessary.

This is a highlights reel instead.


I am very happy to report that they are all already in use, although not as travel diaries, and they are VERY much appreciated, thank you VBB


This time I was spoilt with very nice yarn, which I turned into socks. Now I refuse to wear anything but hand knitted socks…because I’m a brat.

Wearing good socks positively affects my whole day.

I finally ventured back out into a world that required a Covid Passport. Because I know people who are in the know I was invited to the Spring Fair Trade Show at the NEC in Birmingham. It wasn’t too busy as we went on a Sunday and it is only open to traders, not the public. Even so, it was weird, stressful and tiring to be back out at an event like that.

There were amusing moments too…

I did ask permission from the lovely people at DoSomethingDavid.co.uk before I took that pic

I finally finished my online photography course!

According to this it’s a 2 hour course, which it might be if you did more than 5 minutes at a time

I sold some stickers from both RedBubble and Society6. It seems that people in America and Germany had the same impulse in the same week:

This was inspired by protesters I saw when I visited Chicago many, many years ago

I sold two fossil Ammonite keyrings that may, or may not, show up in the next Matt Smith film. I am being very cool about it….

Almost Famous

Lots of other stuff has happened, some good, some bad. Birthdays and Mother’s Days and family gatherings have been had/endured/survived.

LOTS of knitting has been done

Overall – home, family, friends and quiet alone time are the antidote to a world of pain, heartbreak and sorrow which I have no control over (because, trust me, if I did have any control things would be done a LOT differently).

I enjoyed my time offline, but I missed documenting the good stuff. I hope you are all keeping well, sane and have found ways to cope with whichever shitstorm is currently in your view.

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    1. Thank you! (It rarely feels that way though 😁)

  1. Congratulations on your break from the electronic orb!

    1. Thank you, I’m definitely gonna do it again at some point 🙂

  2. Internet says the next movie for MS is supernatural horror. Cue ominous music. Just when you thought it was safe to sit on the couch …

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