Spring has sprung (for now at least)

The past few days/weeks have been a strange mix of up’s, down’s and seemingly twisting on the spots’s.

They included being 100% on the side of the fuel protesters who were blockading depots to highlight climate change, then getting frustrated with those same protesters whose actions meant one of us was stuck 160 miles away from home for an extra two days because they couldn’t find anywhere to fill the tank.

I’m still on their side, I’d like some breathable air for The Kid in the future please, but it seems like they managed to alienate some of the people who should be their allies. I don’t have a clue what they could have done instead though.

I started knitting the Japan Sleeves jumper pattern by Joji Locatelli, which is utterly lovely, as are all of her other patterns, but I couldn’t just do it straight, of course. I decided to add another colour and mix it up a bit.

I am hoping to get it finished by the middle of May because I was big and brave (after surviving the NEC Spring Fair) and I’ve booked tickets to this:

I’d like to be able to wear the jumper to this because the hand dyer who sold me the purple highland wool I used in the stripes will be there and I’d very much like to show off what I made with her efforts. I have managed to talk two of my friends into coming with me, but I’m not sure they realise that I only invited them to be pack horses to carry the many, many, many purchases I plan to make.

There has also been gardening done, with little gem lettuces and spring onions doing well and blossom on the blueberry bushes.

My Etsy shop turned one year old and I celebrated by deciding to stop knitting boobs. I will sell or donate the ones I’ve already made but I realised that the time and energy I was putting into them was taking away from the time and energy I have to come up with new, weird, wonderful and satisfying knits. There are many people on Etsy able to supply trainee midwives with their knitted needs so I’m not unhappy or guilt ridden about this.

I have still managed to avoid almost all of the shitty news we get fed 24/7 (although I do still seem to find out what’s happening secondhand) and I still feel better for it.

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  1. Pls show off completed sweater to us as well. Colors are fascinating.

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