Side effects and silver linings

It seems that my brain demands that I justify my blogging, to myself and the world (You, Dear Reader), every few posts so yes, this thing is still just for me, still just for me to get these words out of my head, and still just for me to type ridiculously long sentences, just because … Continue reading Side effects and silver linings

Lists and lists and…

My friend, Lackadaisicalwhimsy - who blogs here and here, has set herself a challenge of one blog post per day for the whole of August. I LOVE challenges, far more than resolutions (that are often broken the next day) because challenges such as these are personal. You get to measure their success for yourself, without … Continue reading Lists and lists and…

Illustrated distraction – part 2

Following on from yesterday...(Sometime NSFW!) Dumbing Of Age - I started on a random page of this and then immediately went back to the start and read them all. I feel like I know these characters and their struggles really well now and I am ridiculously invested in what they get up to. A must … Continue reading Illustrated distraction – part 2

Illustrated distractions – part 1

While books and documentaries can feed the mind sometimes I just want something lighter and more ridiculous to entertain me. Below are links to cartoons and online graphic novels that all have something I consider special. They are either daft and very funny, or funny and thought provoking. I tend to save them up for … Continue reading Illustrated distractions – part 1