Side effects and silver linings

It seems that my brain demands that I justify my blogging, to myself and the world (You, Dear Reader), every few posts so yes, this thing is still just for me, still just for me to get these words out of my head, and still just for me to type ridiculously long sentences, just because … Continue reading Side effects and silver linings

The last four things – part 2

Following on from yesterday... 3: Lush shampoo bar and tin I have started using these Lush shampoo bars as a way to reduce the plastic I buy and because, once I started using them, I discovered how much better my hair feels. They do not seems to leave as much residue when they're rinsed out, … Continue reading The last four things – part 2

The last four things – part 1

I am trying to find a balance between frugality and minimalism. On the surface it would seem that they are compatible but frugality means buying 100 of something if you find it on offer (so that the next 100 times you need that thing you have not paid full price for it) whereas minimalism means … Continue reading The last four things – part 1

Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.

This post is due, in part, to another blogger who's writing I have been very much enjoying (Virtual Brush Box). As part of one of her past posts she wrote what seems like a throw away phrase: Don't laugh, It's paid for. This phrase has been sitting in my mind since I read it and … Continue reading Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.

Round up part four

Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Searching for the curious - Strangely enough, whilst looking for curiosity in others I have rediscovered some of it in myself, which makes me ridiculously happy. (I also find myself struggling to NOT judge people on their lack of curiosity...but that's an on-going woe for me that I … Continue reading Round up part four