Post festival musings and recommendations

My brain is still getting used to the idea that I spent the weekend surrounded by music and science but I have started to file my ideas and impressions (or so I think, my brain surprises me still...) Here are my post BlueDot festival recommendations and some musings it provoked. Discovering some art: there was … Continue reading Post festival musings and recommendations

Hmmm, is that dot really blue?

BlueDot music/science festival Day One: We arrived, in our hired motorhome (because there isn't a tent on Earth large enough for all of MY creature comforts) and the young woman who directed us where to park also asked if we had the usual, glass bottles...illicit drugs. Ok, my hair is a funny colour so I … Continue reading Hmmm, is that dot really blue?

Round-up part three

Part One here and Part Two here. Avoiding Drama-Llamas and other assorted arseholes - I spoke up when I saw an injustice, stood up to be counted and creditted those around me...screw you arseholes. Pressing the keys - I have drawn, I have written, I haven't yet designed a more efficent tractor but it's … Continue reading Round-up part three

MORE life outside of work

Continuing on from yesterdays if you needed more encouragement and suggestions for getting a life outside of work, more excuses to spend time away from your job or more reasons to get a little lost in your own bubble...below are websites to help. Get creative with pen and paper and stories and images … Continue reading MORE life outside of work

Life outside of work

As the result of a recent conversation with a friend I have been thinking about how I and other people occupy our 'free' time. My friend is a football (soccer) fan and we were discussing her options for activities once the season ends. I was trying to convince her not to do her job of … Continue reading Life outside of work

Recommended Delights

Just a quick post to break yet another Blog-fast.  Relaxing and recuperating to me means music, drifting thoughts and gentle inspiration triggers...all included below: BBC 6 Music - a wonderful place to find new music, bands and artists.  Most of their DJs are passionate about finding new talent and sharing it with you.  Of course … Continue reading Recommended Delights