Illustrated distraction – part 2

Following on from yesterday...(Sometime NSFW!) Dumbing Of Age - I started on a random page of this and then immediately went back to the start and read them all. I feel like I know these characters and their struggles really well now and I am ridiculously invested in what they get up to. A must … Continue reading Illustrated distraction – part 2

Illustrated distractions – part 1

While books and documentaries can feed the mind sometimes I just want something lighter and more ridiculous to entertain me. Below are links to cartoons and online graphic novels that all have something I consider special. They are either daft and very funny, or funny and thought provoking. I tend to save them up for … Continue reading Illustrated distractions – part 1

Recommended Delights

Just a quick post to break yet another Blog-fast.  Relaxing and recuperating to me means music, drifting thoughts and gentle inspiration triggers...all included below: BBC 6 Music - a wonderful place to find new music, bands and artists.  Most of their DJs are passionate about finding new talent and sharing it with you.  Of course … Continue reading Recommended Delights

Peachy, not preachy

It has been WAAAAAAAY to preachy around here recently, so to break up the self-improvement and high-mindedness that's been going on I have decided to bestow upon the world some wisdom and recommendations to make everyone's lives better.  Here goes: Cheese and lime pickle sandwiches.  Sounds pretty bad I know, and I was sceptical when … Continue reading Peachy, not preachy