Round-up part three

Part One here and Part Two here. Avoiding Drama-Llamas and other assorted arseholes - I spoke up when I saw an injustice, stood up to be counted and creditted those around me...screw you arseholes. Pressing the keys - I have drawn, I have written, I haven't yet designed a more efficent tractor but it's … Continue reading Round-up part three

Next Round-up

Part two of my ass kicking, self reminding and gentle prodding...Part one here Doing stuff you don’t wanna – along with reining in my ego (a bit) pausing to consider what the other people in the room might be expert on has caused me to also admit the possibility that things may end up going … Continue reading Next Round-up

Bring on the frogs!

One of my (many) self-destructive tendencies is procastination. After researching this I have concluded that I am better than some and worse than others, but it adversely affects me pretty much every work day. I manage to make deadlines and keep things on schedule, but I also spend a lot of time wishing for asteroid … Continue reading Bring on the frogs!

Searching for the Curious

As much as I try to check my privileges and battle my biases I know they are there, influencing me in ways I'd sometimes rather they didn't. I constantly remind myself to pause and think before acting or reacting, because there's a good chance my instincts are based on childhood conditioning, rather than what my … Continue reading Searching for the Curious

Life outside of work

As the result of a recent conversation with a friend I have been thinking about how I and other people occupy our 'free' time. My friend is a football (soccer) fan and we were discussing her options for activities once the season ends. I was trying to convince her not to do her job of … Continue reading Life outside of work