Peachy, not preachy

It has been WAAAAAAAY to preachy around here recently, so to break up the self-improvement and high-mindedness that's been going on I have decided to bestow upon the world some wisdom and recommendations to make everyone's lives better.  Here goes: Cheese and lime pickle sandwiches.  Sounds pretty bad I know, and I was sceptical when … Continue reading Peachy, not preachy

Doing stuff you don’t wanna

I have just returned home from a work day meeting full of networking (bleugh), team-building (ARGHHHH) and workshopping (kill me now).  I HATE all of those things.  Networking feels mercenary to me (what can I gain from sucking up to or trying to impress this person?) team-building seems pointless to me (we either are a … Continue reading Doing stuff you don’t wanna