Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.

This post is due, in part, to another blogger who's writing I have been very much enjoying (Virtual Brush Box). As part of one of her past posts she wrote what seems like a throw away phrase: Don't laugh, It's paid for. This phrase has been sitting in my mind since I read it and … Continue reading Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.

Round up part four

Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Searching for the curious - Strangely enough, whilst looking for curiosity in others I have rediscovered some of it in myself, which makes me ridiculously happy. (I also find myself struggling to NOT judge people on their lack of curiosity...but that's an on-going woe for me that I … Continue reading Round up part four

Round-up part three

Part One here and Part Two here. Avoiding Drama-Llamas and other assorted arseholes - I spoke up when I saw an injustice, stood up to be counted and creditted those around me...screw you arseholes. Pressing the keys - I have drawn, I have written, I haven't yet designed a more efficent tractor but it's … Continue reading Round-up part three

Next Round-up

Part two of my ass kicking, self reminding and gentle prodding...Part one here Doing stuff you don’t wanna – along with reining in my ego (a bit) pausing to consider what the other people in the room might be expert on has caused me to also admit the possibility that things may end up going … Continue reading Next Round-up

Bring on the frogs!

One of my (many) self-destructive tendencies is procastination. After researching this I have concluded that I am better than some and worse than others, but it adversely affects me pretty much every work day. I manage to make deadlines and keep things on schedule, but I also spend a lot of time wishing for asteroid … Continue reading Bring on the frogs!

The simplest decision = the hardest work

I have long suspected that all of us face the same decision at some point in our lives. Some of us are never aware of it and I doubt if it always comes from a single event, but unconsciously or not all of us have to decide what sort of person we will be (refusing … Continue reading The simplest decision = the hardest work

MORE life outside of work

Continuing on from yesterdays if you needed more encouragement and suggestions for getting a life outside of work, more excuses to spend time away from your job or more reasons to get a little lost in your own bubble...below are websites to help. Get creative with pen and paper and stories and images … Continue reading MORE life outside of work

Avoiding Drama Llamas and other assorted arseholes

There is a phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". What a crock of shit. Sticks and stones may well break your bones, but they will heal eventually. The words that wound you will stay with you for years. They will mould who you are as a person, … Continue reading Avoiding Drama Llamas and other assorted arseholes